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    A 24-week Bible study that addresses the challenges of the Christian life one step at a time



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    This 24-week Bible study has affected the lives of thousands of people. It is a simple, straightforward discipleship tool that focuses on the basics of the Christian life. Each week of this easy-to-use curriculum has a theme, addressing the challenges of the Christian life one step at a time.

    Here at Pure Life Ministries we use it in all of our counseling programs, with both men and women. Because it has very few references to sexual sin in the study, it can easily be used by individuals, small groups, couples or even Sunday school classes that want to study repentance and its role in the Christian life.

    Any way you use it, The Walk of Repentance will make a profound impact and lead the sensitive heart into a deeper intimacy with the Lord.

    I was sexually molested by my step-father as a child. Your Bible study helped me immensely. I don't know if you have ever thought of that aspect of your ministry, but I want you to know that as someone who has suffered at the hands of sexual addiction, I am grateful. I pray that men all over our nation will be healed of this affliction. Thank you for your prayerful work. Amanda, Elkhart, IN

    This is by far the best Bible study we have ever done. We like that it is not leading with statements like... "obviously this means..." It is very thought provoking and convicting. It leaves you something to chew on and to work on each week. We are doing it with friends. We highly recommend it. Michael, Utica, OH