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He Leads Me Beside Still Waters

Steve Gallagher


“The Book of Praises,” as ancient Israelites called the Psalms, is a fitting name for a book in which the adoration of God is the prominent theme. God’s glorious attributes—His sovereignty, majesty, mercy, compassion and trustworthiness—are all poetically illuminated for us in the Psalms, and those with an open heart cannot read this book without attaining a more lofty perspective of the Lord. Consequently, no other portion of Scripture is so capable of ushering the hungry soul into the Presence of God. Join the psalmists and cultivate a passion to find God’s presence for yourself!

Reviews and Endorsements

Good bible study that I did day-by-day on my own that helped me understand God & the relationship He wants me to have with Him.
Wonderful study for someone needing encouragement and focusing on the Lord.

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