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Pressing On Toward the Heavenly Calling

Steve Gallagher


Shortly before his death, the apostle Paul wrote three epistles from the depths of a Roman prison. Far from mere letters, these epistles contain some of the deepest revelations of the Kingdom of God available to us. In Ephesians, Paul takes us behind the veil to get a glimpse into the unseen realm inhabited by God and the powerful spiritual entities that influence mankind. In Philippians, he invites us to joyfully celebrate the vibrant Christian life. And in Colossians, we are offered a penetrating look at the Christ, the great Center of the spiritual realm. Challenge yourself to press on toward the high calling God has for you through this 12-week study!

Reviews and Endorsements

Daily, I go deeper & deeper into Ephesians through this bible study. I am learning, growing, and changing with every lesson. It has something for every day of the week. It has opened my eyes, and caused me to see things that I haven’t noticed about myself before. I can hardly wait to get to Philippians next.
“Steve has some deep truth to teach in these devotional guides. Get ready to dig into the word of God and be blessed tremendously. Definitely recommend”
“This is a wonderful Bible study if you’re ready to do some real study.”

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