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A Lamp Unto My Feet

Steve Gallagher


Every day you are moving toward your eternal destination. But before you cross into that land of immortality, you must first pass through hostile territory, full of “dangers, toils and snares.” Fortunately, the “Father of lights” has provided a roadmap, the Word of God. In this 12-week study through Psalm 119, you will contemplate rich truths about Scripture through daily readings and reflection questions. You will experience the power of praying God’s Word back to Him. And at each week’s end, you will consider the life of David, author of this epic psalm and renowned as a man after God’s own heart. If you long for a deeper love, respect and appreciation for God’s Word, this study is for you!

Reviews and Endorsements

“I would recommend this study to anyone that is willing to put the time into finding a deeper walk with God Almighty, and recognizing that there are other people that feel as we do before we get to that deeper walk. We are not alone. The study is intent on getting the foundation of Psalms 119 into our memory and deep into our “heart”. It is methodical in the way of having us use our eyes to read through, our hands to physically write, and our voice to speak it during the study. Using all three of these methods causes a deeper understanding. We all don’t learn the same way, and by using all three, then Psalms 119 is deeply seated within us.”
Highly recommend bible study for the believer that wants to seek and look deeper into God’s Word. Author sticks to the TEXT. Today with the seeker friendly movement sneaking into our church this is so important.
We did a group study and everyone came out richer than when started. We will be doing another study of Gallagher’s at the end of January.

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