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The Word of Their Testimony

Steve Gallagher
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This book chronicles the lives of eight modern saints who overcame immense odds—from addiction to persecution. Their lives inspire us all to fight for a testimony of victory.

Satan has a malevolent plan for every human soul on earth. Scripture names him “Apollyon,” the one who ruins people’s lives by corrupting their souls. His works often manifest themselves as fetishes, phobias, hang-ups or addictions; but Jesus came to “destroy the works of the devil.”

We are coming into a time when all we will have to stand on is the testimony we have allowed God to forge within us. Do we have a track record of partial obedience—picking and choosing when we will obey the Lord? Then we will most certainly deny Him when the pressure to do so is overwhelming.

In this book, Steve Gallagher presents eight stories of people who have overcome the devil, have been delivered from his strongholds and now have a testimony of God’s redeeming power. These stories will encourage you in your own struggles with the enemy:

  • A musician who escaped the ghetto but couldn’t escape his demons
  • An ex-gay activist who returned to the lifestyle he railed against
  • A big city cop who now fights his battles on his knees
  • A Fortune 500 executive who had it all and lost it all
  • A cat burglar who faced life in prison but received God’s reprieve
  • A heroin-dealing gangster whose downfall led to his greatest score
  • An Amish homosexual whose sin was exposed and destroyed
  • A couple who faced martyrdom from of a Colombian drug cartel

Their lives challenge us all: Are you prepared for that day when all you have is the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony?

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