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Out of the Depths of Sexual Sin

Steve Gallagher
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Steve Gallagher was an aggressive deputy on the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department…but he had a dark secret. Behind the arrogant exterior was a man obsessed with the triple-X rated underworld. Perhaps even worse, he was nearly insane with paralyzing fear, devilish pride and seething bitterness. Could God really bring something good out of a life so ravaged by sin?

Out of the Depths of Sexual Sin is the riveting story of a man who courageously battled his way out of deep darkness to pioneer Pure Life Ministries—the first ministry in the world to help men find freedom from sexual addiction.

Reviews and Endorsements

“The first part of the book read like a novel. I did not want to put it down. Then his ministry began and the real meat of the book is introduced. Steve’s spiritual journey is the real substance to this book. His maturation process was at the same time a thing of pain and of beauty.”
“So far, I have read most of this book. Earlier in the book, it was a page turner. He gives some good insight into how sex addicts think and view things. There are definitely some good info to help if you are personally dealing with this in your marriage or as a counselor for married couples. Glad I purchased this.”
Not your typical “sinner-gets-saved-and-lives-happily-ever-after” book.

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