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How America Lost Her Innocence – eBook

Steve Gallagher
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This book uncovers the forces that mainstreamed sexual sin—a coordinated strategy of evil bent on corrupting American culture for generations.

In 1950’s America, when decency, honesty and morality were the way of life, seeds of corruption were quietly being sown by a handful of evil men. Within two generations, homosexuality became commonplace and pornography a national pastime. Clearly, AMERICA has LOST her INNOCENCE! But how did this happen? How did America go from innocent to explicit in only four decades? The answer?

  • Alfred Kinsey ~ Father of the Sexual Revolution
  • Hugh Hefner ~ Pioneer of Pornography
  • Mary Calderone ~ Founder of Sex Education
  • Margaret Sanger ~ Champion of Abortion
  • Mafia ~ Purveyors of Smut
  • Entertainment Industry ~ Pied Pipers of Immorality

In How America Lost Her Innocence, Steve Gallagher vividly tells the story of a handful of chosen individuals through whom Satan found a way to influence an entire nation for evil. The result is not only historical, but a spiritually insightful uncovering of the unseen forces behind America’s sexual revolution.

Reviews and Endorsements

This book really opened my eyes to the history of pornography and really how in America we normalized a lot of sexual stuff that didn’t used to be acceptable.

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