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Dive deeply into the book of Acts like never before through 20 DVD teachings by Steve Gallagher. You’ll witness the explosive, far-reaching power of the early Christians and the apostle Paul.

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Twenty teachings from author and Bible teacher Steve Gallagher exploring the rich heritage of the Early Church as well as the key contributions and fascinating aspects from the life of Paul.

The Early Church is the story of the founding of Christianity from its inception, when the mighty power of God fell upon a small group of believers, who were simply waiting on the Lord. The Church exploded as Peter preached his heart out to the gathering multitude. What followed, however, were years of struggle as the disciples worked through the issues confronting them, both from within the Church and without. 8 messages

The Life of Paul continues through Acts with the conversion and evangelistic efforts of the “apostle to the Gentiles.” No stranger to affliction or opposition, Paul relentlessly fought to build Christ’s Church among the heathens. This series provides rich background information on the various churches he founded, as well as insightful commentary on the epistles he wrote to them. 12 messages