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This 20-DVD series is a profound exploration of the true person and work of Jesus. Steve Gallagher’s in-depth teaching can deepen any believer’s love for their Lord.

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Steve Gallagher’s passion for the sacred Scriptures rises to new heights in this profound 20-message series through the teachings, parables and ministry of Jesus Christ.

The series opens with an inspiring look at the Savior’s life before He came to earth, then moves into His childhood—especially His incredible encounter with the religious leaders in the temple. From there the series moves into Jesus’ years of ministry: teachings that left His audiences amazed, parables that confounded His enemies and miracles that astonished everyone.

But Jesus was much more than a gifted teacher who performed miracles. The most amazing thing about Him was the way He lived His life: whether it was the dignity He displayed in the midst of hostile crowds or the loving compassion He extended to the most base people. Jesus was not only the most impressive individual who has ever lived, but the Life of Christ truly reveals the heart of God.