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    This book uncovers the forces that mainstreamed sexual sin—a coordinated strategy of evil bent on corrupting American culture for generations.

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    In 1950's America, when decency, honesty and morality were the way of life, seeds of corruption were quietly being sown by a handful of evil men. Within two generations, homosexuality became commonplace and pornography a national pastime. Clearly, AMERICA has LOST her INNOCENCE! But how did this happen? How did America go from innocent to explicit in only four decades? The answer?

    • Alfred Kinsey ~ Father of the Sexual Revolution
    • Hugh Hefner ~ Pioneer of Pornography
    • Mary Calderone ~ Founder of Sex Education
    • Margaret Sanger ~ Champion of Abortion
    • Mafia ~ Purveyors of Smut
    • Entertainment Industry ~ Pied Pipers of Immorality

    In How America Lost Her Innocence, Steve Gallagher vividly tells the story of a handful of chosen individuals through whom Satan found a way to influence an entire nation for evil. The result is not only historical, but a spiritually insightful uncovering of the unseen forces behind America's sexual revolution.
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    Just look around you to see what has happened and ...


    Format: Kindle Edition; Verified Purchase

    Just look around you to see what has happened and is still happening at an alarming rate to the children in our schools. The book is a real eye opener. Gallagher and J. A. Reithman know there history very well.

    This book really opened my eyes to the history of ...


    Format: Kindle Edition

    This book really opened my eyes to the history of pornography and really how in America we normalized a lot of sexual stuff that didn't used to be acceptable.



    Format: Hardcover; Verified Purchase

    An easy read, very important insight on the attack on the moral conscience of America. This should be required reading in our public schools.

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