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Jeff Colón's marriage stands as a testimony of God's power to restore any marriage, even one that has been ravaged by sexual sin and drug addiction. Christian marriages are under attack as never before. Couples are suffering more than ever under the same despair that once gripped Jeff and his wife, Rose. Is there really hope for my marriage?

THE ANSWER IS A RESOUNDING YES!...but the answer wasn't the typical fare found in Christian marriage books. Jeff and Rose had to go to the heart of the problem. They needed something more than outward alterations; they needed an inner transformation. Like every couple facing serious marital strife, they needed to discover the power of the Cross to bring them into the Beatitudes of Christ. Jeff's personal journey and his subsequent experience counseling men and couples at Pure Life Ministries has uniquely qualified him to share the biblical truths that will restore any marriage From Ashes to Beauty!

“Jeff Colón is on the front lines fighting the real-world battles the rest of us are either too scared to tackle or simply hoping someone else will rise up to engage. This man knows his stuff, and in the arenas of sexuality and marriage, this guy has earned his stripes."

Eric Ludy
Bestselling Author of When God Writes Your Love Story

“Jeff Colón has written a compelling and biblically powerful book that will give hope to any couple whose marriage is in trouble due to sexual sin. His message is Christ-centered. His humility is obviously God-given. His gratitude to the Lord overflows. I highly recommend this book for any couple struggling with a difficult marriage, whether the difficultly is due to sexual sin or other sins. God will use Jeff’s message to convict and to help you.”
Martha Peace
Biblical Counselor and author of The Excellent Wife

“If you’re looking for a marriage book that is more than just a re-hash of the same tired topics then this is it!…Pastors and biblical counselors will be turning to this book again and again as they try to help couples truly repent and change, for the glory of God.”
Brad Bigney
Sr. Pastor, Grace Fellowship Church

“Jeff Colón speaks from personal experience about the incredible pain and destruction caused by the insidious lure of pornography and sexual immorality. In his own gentle way, Jeff helps the reader to see that God can restore any marriage when both husband and wife learn and obey the Biblical principles of the daily walk with Christ. There is no shortcut…read this book slowly and carefully, digesting each principle while you ask the Lord to change your heart. Through brokenness, humility, repentance, and obedience to God’s Word, both husband and wife will experience a rebirth of hope and joy. … I am so thankful that Jeff has written this book to help devastated couples rebuild their broken marriages!”
Dr. Ed Bulkley
President, Int’l Assoc. of Biblical Counselors
Pastor, LIFE Fellowship

From Ashes to Beauty offers a breath of God-inspired fresh air for couples struggling to keep their marriages afloat. The book is a combination of Scripture-based teaching and real-life examples. Author and Pure Life Ministries' Executive Director Jeff Colón explains how a thorough understanding of the Beatitudes can be the key to marriage restoration and shares dramatic yet humble experiences from his own marriage. Included in the back of the book is a chapter-by-chapter study guide, with the idea that a separate journal or notebook for each spouse be used to jot down answers, insights, etc. There are also appendices of enrichment tests, exercises, and activities. Homeschool Magazine, Gray, TN

When you are living for Christ in a way that involves total surrender, most everyone around you looks at you like you're a radical. But Christ called us to be hot, not luke-warm. As I wait for my ex-spouse to turn away from his sin, everyone else is telling me to move on. After reading this book, I feel like someone finally understands where my heart is. I want to see a miracle in my ex's life, I want to see a ministry born, I want to see God glorified, I want to see what Satan meant for harm be used for others good. Thank you Jeff and Rose for not only sharing your testimony, but the testimonies of other couples who have gone before me and made it. Whether I see God glorified in this relationship or not, I will still praise him, and this book was like a cup of cold water while walking through the desert! Thank you so much for sharing your heart's desire to serve Christ wholeheartedly! I recommend this book to ANYONE wanting and needing encouragement for what seems like a hopeless situation! Jennifer, Vista, CA

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