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    A riveting story of a man who courageously battled his way out of deep darkness

    Steve Gallagher was an aggressive deputy on the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department...but he had a dark secret. Behind the arrogant exterior was a man obsessed with the triple-X rated underworld. Perhaps even worse, he was nearly insane with paralyzing fear, devilish pride and seething bitterness. Could God really bring something good out of a life so ravaged by sin?

    Out of the Depths of Sexual Sin is the riveting story of a man who courageously battled his way out of deep darkness to pioneer Pure Life Ministries—the first ministry in the world to help men find freedom from sexual addiction.

    In the introduction to his book Out Of The Depths of Sexual Sin: The Story of My Life and Ministry you'll find out why author Steve Gallagher founded his Pure Life Ministries in 1986 in Sacramento. That organization began modestly enough and now is helping many good Christian people fight sex addiction. He states that his main purpose in writing his book "is to testify to the fact that God can transform the most wretched life into one of decency".

    This book hits on a subject that this is often hidden or ignored in so subtle of ways.

    The author was L.A. Deputy Sheriff while living a personal life style that was morally corrupted according to him. He was involved in the world of strip clubs, street prostitutes and other behaviors that would be considered unwholesome. In his autobiography, he opens up about his past and shares some of his deepest and most humiliating failures including his life of drug use and crime. He does not paint a pleasant picture of himself but his intentions are to show that even someone like himself can be redeemed and changed and go then on to help rescue others suffering these same delusions and temptations. W. H. McDonald Jr. The American Author Assoc. (Elk Grove, CA)

    So far, I have read most of this book. Earlier in the book, it was a page turner. He gives some good insight into how sex addicts think and view things. There is definitely some good information to help if you are personally dealing with this in your marriage or as a counselor for married couples. Glad I purchased this.
    K. Croom (FL)