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When His Secret Sin Breaks Your Heart

Kathy Gallagher
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One afternoon, Kathy Gallagher discovered why her husband was so emotionally distant, angry and unpredictable: he was addicted to pornography and adulterous sexual encounters.

Only those who have experienced this kind of betrayal can comprehend the level of pain Kathy experienced in that moment. But in the years that followed, she experienced a God who could use the greatest pain and deepest suffering imaginable to draw her into His unfathomable depths of love, forgiveness and intimacy.

In the 20th Anniversary Edition of When His Secret Sin Breaks Your Heart, the devastated wife will quickly find that Kathy sympathizes with her emotional turmoil and offers solid counsel on a wide range of issues. But most importantly, she will be directed to the only true source of hope and comfort in the midst of unspeakable pain: Jesus.

Reviews and Endorsements

This book is a must! It can be gut wrenching and makes anger stir up inside of you. However, there is such an abundance of God’s grace spoken into every story. It makes sympathizing with these couples even easier. Versus being judgmental and accusatory. We as wives need to be aware of the daily battles our husbands go through and equip ourselves with knowledge so we can help them and not accuse them.
“This is one of the deepest betrayals a woman faces. Kathy’s personal experience and years of counseling have provided her with tremendous insight.”

Beverly LaHaye

Encouraging book for Christian women seeking to overcome challenges with pornography, lust and adultery in marriage.

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