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Pastors & Counselors Resource Kit

Steve Gallagher, Kathy Gallagher


Equip yourself with resources designed to impart the insight necessary for pastors and counselors to help Christians impacted by sexual sin. The Pastors & Counselors Resource Kit provides the practical and spiritual wisdom you need at your fingertips to restore Christians from the ravages of sexual sin.

By combining materials that can both stand alone and function together, this resource kit equips counselors and pastors to minister to single and married men, hurting wives and couples.

Package includes:

– At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry
– When His Secret Sin Breaks Your Heart
– From Ashes to Beauty
– A Biblical Guide to Counseling the Sexual Addict
– i: the root of sin exposed

Reviews and Endorsements

“Evangelical Christianity is indebted to Steve Gallagher for turning the pain of his past into a path toward purity for those in bondage to sexual idolatry.”

Dr. Richard Dobbins, Founder, Emerge Ministries

“This is one of the deepest betrayals a woman faces. Kathy’s personal experience and years of counseling have provided her with tremendous insights.”

Beverly LaHaye

“‘I can do all things.’ These five words introduce one of the most-often quoted verses from Scripture (Philippians 4:13) but they also form the thesis for one of the most toxic and least talked about issues in the American church— pride. In clear, direct language, Pastor Steve Gallagher surgically exposes the self-absorbed, ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude that lurks within every human heart. ‘i’ is a gut-punch to the selfie-soaked world we live in. Pastor Gallagher gives his readers a clear diagnosis for that which ails us and a posture for the cure: flat on our faces, bowed low before Almighty God.”

Chris McKenna, Covenant Eyes

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