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Living in Victory through the Power of Mercy – eBook

Steve Gallagher
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Every man fighting sexual sin must learn to move beyond defense tactics and go on the offensive. Explore God’s battle plan for your future—and the secret to lifelong victory.

Without a doubt, the quest to attain sexual purity is the #1 battle Christian men face in the 21st Century. The message of this timely book is that you need not settle for a fear-driven form of freedom when an abundant life of victory in Christ is yours for the taking. The secret to victorious living is to tap into God’s great storehouse of mercy for one’s own needs, and then act as a conduit for that power, directing it toward the lives of others. Overcoming habitual sin is important, but real victory occurs when a person becomes a weapon in the hands of a powerful God against the legions of hell. That is living in victory! Win the battle for sexual purity. Lay down your weapons and become one!

Reviews and Endorsements

“Thank God for a man like Steve Gallagher, who will tell the truth, and let the truth make us free. Live Free!”

The Late Dr. Edwin Louis Cole

“Loved this book. This is the second book I’ve read by Steve Gallagher. This book has really ministered to me. I’m 27 and I’ve been walking with the Lord for 4 years now. I love how Pastor Steve always uses lots of scriptures in his books and teaches God’s Word through his books instead of what’s popular in today’s society.”
This is a great book that puts recovery from sexual sin in perspective. Ultimately Steve point us back to God and his mercy to be set free from sexual sin.

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