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    Living for Jesus in a Dark World

    Indulgence in pleasure, entertainment and sin is rotting out our spiritual life. Is there hope for the future?

    What it Means to Follow Jesus

    Rather than seeing Jesus Christ as “altogether different,” we prefer Him to be a slightly improved version of ourselves.

    In Search of Truth

    The post-modern Church is being pulled between two extremes. What is needed is a Spirit-filled life based on biblical principles.

    Living at the Cross

    Unless the power of the Cross is appropriated through repentance and surrender, it only stands to condemn people.

    Leading a Controlled Life in a Lust-Driven Culture

    Can believers truly live for God in this spiritual climate of carnal enticements?

    A Passion to Seek God

    Millions of people profess to know the Lord, but how few there are who really walk with Him.

    Resisting the Great Lie

    How can finite humans, marred by the effects of sin, really comprehend the moral quality of a perfect Being?

    The Set-Apart Life

    Is it really possible for believers to live consecrated lives in a culture wholly given over to carnality and sensuality?

    For the Love of Pleasure

    How does a sincere believer live for God in the midst of a pleasure-crazed world?

    Finding Answers for Life's Struggles

    Untold thousands are laboring under the spiritually deadening and mind-numbing effects of psychotropic drugs.

    The Self-Life or the Mercy-Life

    It is at the foot of the Cross that a believer gets a real sight of God’s greatness and his own insignificance.

    The Lordship of Christ

    Obedience is arguably the most prominent teaching in Scripture, and yet most professing Christians live largely in rebellion to God’s authority.