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    Discover how Bobby Lloyd changed from a notorious drug lord doing life in prison to a committed follower of Christ rescuing people from the streets he terrorized

    Fearless and mean, a convicted felon doing life in prison--in the notorious SingSing penitentiary, no less--that was Bobby. It was over for him. No chance of getting out, ever. Yet he did--on life time parole! However, being in the slammer hadn't taught him anything. He soon returned to his notorious crime as a terrifying, top drug lord, continuing to supply heroin on the streets of NYC. Normally it would be impossible for such a man to change. But Bobby did. His turnaround was so complete that the state governor noticed--and granted a full pardon. How could this be? Read the book to find out.

    Discover how Bobby got pulled into the drug scene, and what finally happened to make him want to get out. Read how his heart was gradually changed through the persistent prayer and influence of a special lady who had visited him in prison; how he was amazingly convinced by a fluke comment to enter the Teen Challenge program; how he eventually committed himself totally to God and to rescuing people from the very same streets where he had formerly caused destruction. Read and see that with God all things are possible. If God can change a man like Bobby, surely He can turn things around in your life, too.

    Bobby Lloyd's community accomplishments since then include:

    • assisting in the pioneering of Long Island Teen Challenge, a residential program for individuals with life-controlling problems.
    • being chosen and serving for three decades as Executive Director of the organization, Long Island Citizens for Community Values, that protects women, children, and families from the harms of pornography and the sexualized culture.
    • Becoming Associate Pastor of Freedom Chapel, Amityville, New York.

    Bobby Lloyd lives in Wheatley Heights with his wife, Dianne. Together, they have 8 children, 11 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren.

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