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Adultery's Kiss of Death provides words of hope for women who have been caught in the snare of adultery. In it, Holtz helps women move towards reconciliation first with God, and then with their husbands.

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Lyndell’s own passionate love affair with Jesus was the only gift her descent into adultery gave her. Having been raised in a godly, Christian home and later married to a minister, Lyndell knew all about religion, but she failed to experience Jesus. She had never grasped that Jesus wanted a real, loving, and intimate relationship with her. She thought she had all the benefits Jesus had to offer—all packaged neatly under the heading: “Religion”. But when her world collapsed, she discovered that “Religion” could not save her, nor her marriage, nor satisfy the deep void in her soul that hungered for love.

However it was here—at the lowest point of her sin and shame, that Lyndell met God’s highest point of love and mercy in Christ Jesus. Thus began a passionate love affair with Jesus Christ that has transformed her life, compelling her to share the message with other hungry souls that HIS is the love we are searching for! Lyndell’s book, however, is not just for those who’ve committed adultery. It is also for those who desire to deepen their love affair with Jesus Christ and revitalize their love for God’s Word. It will also deepen your understanding of what real, genuine love in marriage should look like for the Christian couple who desire to honor God with their marriage.

The book will also help you grasp what your true identity in Christ means. In other words, Adultery’s Kiss of Death will address the totality of the Christian experience in love for God and others, faith, relationships, and the need for wholeness in heart, mind, and soul.

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