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Price: $20.00

For a limited time, you can purchase all the sessions from the Pure Life Ministries 22nd Annual Conference. Your purchase will also include all three sessions from our Call to Purity Preconference.

    Experience the messages that ministered to many at our 2022 Annual Conference. The theme this year was "When Jesus Returns, What Will He Find?" Each of our speakers poured out their hearts, delivering powerful messages that called each attendee to be firmly anchored in their faith in the turbulent times that we live in.

    Download all conference sessions:

    • The Need for Us to be Certain in Our Faith - Steve Gallagher
    • Found in Him - Dave Leopold
    • The Furnace and the Feast - Dustin Renz
    • Being Prepared for the Coming King - Nate Danser
    • The Lord Will Provide - Dave Leopold
    • Seek My Face - Kathy Gallagher
    • Your Testimony is the Evidence of Your Faith - Steve Gallagher

    Plus, you'll get all the sessions from our Call to Purity Preconference.

    • Pure in Heart - Jeff + Rose Colon
    • Pure in Purpose - Jeff + Rose Colon
    • Marriage Panel Discussion