Item #: DCONF
Price: $15.00
Retail: $19.99

For a limited time, you can purchase a DVD set of all 4 sessions from the Pure Life Ministries Livestream event held in April 2020.

*All sessions are also available free of charge on our YouTube channel and in our smartphone app.

View and experience the messages that ministered to thousands from our 2020 Livestream Series. The theme this year was "As in the Days of Noah." Each of our speakers explored how the same spiritual atmosphere of Noah's time is rampant today and encouraged all believers to be prepared for what is headed our way, that we may stand against the sensuality, violence, and unbridled wickedness.

    All four sessions on 2 DVDs, including:

    • The Ark of God's Presence - Dave Leopold
    • By Faith Noah... - Steve Gallagher
    • Preachers of Righteousness - Dustin Renz
    • The Door is Closed - Glenn Meldrum


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