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Selah! The Book of Psalms in the Richest Translations for Nook, KOBO, iPad and iPhone and other ePub open format eReaders

Language is a powerful medium created by God to enable human beings to formulate and communicate thoughts.  What a contrast there is between a richly worded sentence and one that simply offers the bare facts in bland form. 

That perspective led Steve Gallagher to examine the nearly 2,500 verses of the book of Psalms through thirty different translations and paraphrases. "Which version offers the most compelling rendition of what the author was attempting to communicate?" was the predominate question.

The result of this personal Bible study is Selah! The Book of Psalms in the Richest Translations. Why not brew a cup of coffee, settle into your favorite chair and savor every morsel of the book of Psalms in a way you have never experienced before?