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Living In Victory eBook for Nook, KOBO, iPad and iPhone and other ePub open format eReaders.

Victory the very word can almost seem like a cruel joke to someone bound up in habitual sin, writes Steve Gallagher in his inspiring sequel to At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry

This book helps men see the bigger picture and find God's plan for their lives now that they are walking in victory over sexual sin. 

Steve's message is that men need not settle for a fear-driven form of freedom. As children of God, the bountiful life of victory in Christ is theirs for the taking.


“Because we have embraced the faulty level of the world, our houses are weak, our churches are vulnerable and our families are falling down all around us. Steve Gallagher’s Living in Victory takes us back to the only level we should use to build...the Word of God. Be prepared to be uncomfortably challenged as he exposes the faulty levels in your life. At first it will feel like being torn down, but in time you will see that you are being built up to a new life in Christ.”
Dannah Gresh, Author of And the Bride Wore White and Pursuing the Pearl
Living in Victory will prove a wonderful help to those living in any type of habitual sin. Indeed, it will prove enriching and challenging to any true child of God.”
Don Wildmon, American Family Association
“Readers will find Gallagher, to be open and transparent but not overly graphic about his experiences, all for the purpose of showing men how to achieve a life of victory over habitual sexual sin. The good news is Gallagher does not espouse or practice a fear-driven form of freedom. Rather, he emphasizes learning to walk in God's mercy.”
Christian Retailing Magazine
“Gallagher does a creditable job of taking readers carefully through four key areas that help unlock this “secret”: Seeing Your Needs, The God Who Meets Our Needs, Turning God’s Mercy Into Your Victory, and The Fruits of Living in Victory. One main objective is to help readers overcome habitual sin—including but not limited to sexual sin. Part 2 describes the Holy Spirit’s role and character particularly well and continues by illuminating both God’s mercy and anger.
While appropriate for individual readers, this book is also well-suited for reading with a partner, small group, or Sunday-school class. Recommended.”
Mark Parolini, CBA Marketplace Magazine

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