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PLM Co-founder, Kathy Gallagher, imparts the practical, biblical answers that helped her find healing in the midst of her most trying storm. This eBook format is for Nook, KOBO, iPad and iPhone and other ePub open format eReaders

Behind every husband enslaved to sexual sin, there is a woman reaping the horrible side effects of his self-centered life-style. What can be more devastating for a wife than to discover her husband has a secret obsession with pornography and other women? Yet, this is what countless Christian wives face every day. Kathy Gallagher has been there; she understands the pain of rejection, the feelings of hopelessness and the questions that plague a hurting wife.

In this collection of letters, Kathy imparts heart-felt encouragement by providing the practical, biblical answers that helped her find healing in the midst of her most trying storm. The 30-day journal offers wives a place to prayerfully reflect and meditate upon Kathy's letters. When His Secret Sin Breaks Your Heart testifies that there is hope for the most dejected of souls and the bleakest of marriages.

“This is one of the deepest betrayals a woman faces. Kathy's personal experience and years of counseling have provided her with tremendous insight.”
Beverly LaHaye, Concerned Women for America

As a wife of a porn addict, I didn't know that so many things were tied together... I thought his porn addiction was just one aspect of his life, I didn't know that being financially controlling, emotionally distant and cold, not having intimacy in or out of the bedroom, not socializing.... it was all related! This book helped me to go from feeling isolated and alone to realizing I'm not the only woman who is in this exact same spot! And best of all... there is help and there is hope! AND Kathy Gallagher helps you to stay focus on the Almighty Healer through it all. I highly recommend this book to anyone hurting and searching for answers. Anonymous

Kathy Gallagher has lived through her own husband's addiction for many years, and yes... it is an emotional look at a painful subject. She provides encouragement by providing practical and biblical answers based on real life testimonies, and she not only sympathizes with the emotional turmoil wives experience, but more importantly, she directs them to their only true source of hope - Jesus Christ. Read with an open heart and mind, and make up your own mind... the book comes highly recommended!
Gregory Nyman (Winchendon, MA)

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