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Specific and honest without being graphic, Joshua Harris' book will guide young men in creating a custom plan for fighting lust and celebrating purity

Neither sex nor sexuality is the enemy. Young men need to rescue their sexuality from lust so they can experience it as God intended. 

Author Joshua Harris shows young men how lust deceives them. Specific and honest without being graphic, this book will guide young men in creating a custom plan for fighting lust and celebrating purity.

Pure Life Ministries recommends this book for readers age 17 or younger.
Joshua Harris lives outside Washington, D.C., in Gaithersburg, Maryland, where he is a pastor at Covenant Life Church. He speaks nationally and leads an annual conference for college students called New Attitude. Joshua and his wife Shannon have two children.
This book finally gave me the correct biblical perspective and answers to questions I have been seeking for years. Joshua Harris wrote this book very well. Whenever I am conversing with others and topics about lust, sex, purity, relationships, or addictions come up, I often suggest and recommend this book. Paired with the study guides for men & women it works well for groups or one-on-one accountability partners to work through together. If you are looking for answers to questions about doubts or concerns you have regarding whether or not God cares about how we treat our bodies, with what we fill our minds, and how we relate with others you need to read this book. If you have been struggling with purity, lust, greed, or addictions this book can help you grow closer to God and will strengthen your relationship with Him if you are willing. The book follows biblical truth, is not judgmental (though I won't say you may not feel convicted of sin), and portrays what the Lord desires and how to achieve closeness with him and healthier relationships with others. I highly recommend this book for men and women, and young adults/mature teenagers. Danielle, Chicago

I'm a youth pastor, and I'm using this book as the basis for a small group of guys I'm leading. Harris is biblical, practical, and straightforward, while still managing to write a book that is perfectly suitable for males or females. This is a great read for young and old alike. Justin, Youth Pastor