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Intoxicated with Babylon eBook for Nook, KOBO, iPad and iPhone and other ePub open format eReaders

Stunningly desirable and extremely treacherous, she deceives her victims with a soothing voice and a licentious spell. She runs a halfway house to hell and many are the victims she has brought to ruin.

Babylon is not a place but the seducing spirit of Antichrist, which has quietly infiltrated the pulpits, pews, bookstores and homes of the Christian ranks. Armed with a vast array of worldly charms and enchanting indulgences, she has deceived believers into exchanging a vibrant life in God for the empty shell of powerless religion.

Intoxicated with Babylon rips the mask off this harlot's face and exposes how she has subtly woven her mindset into the fabric of the end-times Church. It is a sobering wake-up call to a slumbering Church rife with sensuality and worldly compromise. This book will usher sincere believers into a fresh encounter with the Living God by inspiring a renewed hunger for holy living.

“This is such a vital message for the church in these days. I'm appalled

at the way we have allowed the enemy to come in like a flood but have

largely failed to raise up any standard against him.”

David Ravenhill Noted Evangelist and Author

“This isn’t a book, it is a prophecy!”

Bob Gresh Moody Press Author

“Steve’s careful presentation of the origin and history of the world

system helps the believer to understand its deception and power to lure.

Few books are written with such clarity and depth."

Dr. Ruth Ruibal Missionary to Cali, Colombia

“Steve Gallagher serves as an oracle of the Lord calling again to God’s

people to come out and be a separate and holy people. This word could

not have come at a timelier hour.”

Rev. John Kilpatrick Pensacola, FL

“Intoxicated with Babylon is a call to each of us, and to the

Evangelical Church. It is a 'wake-up call'... a very loud one that

cannot be ignored. You will either respond and get out of 'bed'

immediately, or you will hit the 'snooze button' and go back to sleep.

It is a clear choice leading to the opportunity for repentance and

serious faith in Christ. Those who hit the 'snooze button' will prove

Steve Gallagher's thesis that the Church in America has drifted far from

the mark. The choice is clear - sleep or awaken!

Those who are awakened and alert to this opportunity to repent and

follow Christ, will want to radically examine and change how they are

living their life. They will also want to share this wake-up call with

others who may have also been lulled in to a nap by the forces of this

world. I am glad I had an opportunity to respond to the alarm.”

Jim Sheard Author of In His Grip

“Intoxicated with Babylon is very informative for people who want to

hear and see. They will be challenged to repent and make new

commitments. Unfortunately, the masses will continue to walk in the

darkness of deception unless God intervenes. But Steve, like Jeremiah of

old, is still commanded to cry the message even though people will not

always listen. I feel this book is a definite wake-up call to the Church

in these last days.”

Rev. Kenneth Kashner Haverhill, MA

I just wanted to let you know how amazing your book "Intoxicated With Babylon" is. In the past year The Lord has been working in my husband and my hearts and just removing the blinders off of our eyes and for me He used your book to do that. He has taken us to a deeper level with Him. So I just wanted to say thank you for your boldness and willingness to speak up on such unpopular issues. This is the only christian book I recommend at this point. I am however in the middle of K.P. Yohanan's Revolution In World Missions which has also been a good challenge and my husband is enjoying The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhofer. Thank you again Jessica, Ontario, CA

This book was given to me by my brother in law. It was just at the right time when I was looking for God to do a change in my life, which it did! So I know that if you are looking for radical change in your life than this is the book for you. Doron, Jerusalem IL, Jeshurun, Clovis, NM

"Intoxicated with Babylon" has surely taken the scales of blindedness off of my eyes and heart. This book exposes the deception and seduction of the spirit of the world like never before. What a powerful impact this book has imparted to my mind, soul and spirit. Thanks forever Nathan, North Augusta, SC

This book has been an incredible blessing to my husband and I. We experienced a fresh new call to holiness and Steve so clearly presented how this holiness can be accomplished in our lives. He uncovered the devil's schemes! Brenda, Ellicott City, MD

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