At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry (20th Anniversary Edition)

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    Can a Christian man really maintain a pure heart in America's sexually charged culture? Can he truly honor God with his thought life? The answer is a resounding YES! At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry: 20th Anniversary Edition goes right to the heart and proves it.

    Put an end to the mystery of lust and step into a life of freedom with the proven biblical answers that have helped thousands. Something new for men at every level of the struggle:

    • Fresh insights from 20 years of counseling in every chapter.
    • Goes deeper than previous editions in deeply examining a man's inner life, unearthing the roots of sexual sin, addressing Internet porn and the challenge of remaining pure amidst America's eroding morality.
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    “The reason I am writing this foreword for Steve is that he has based everything in this book on God’s Word. It is foundational, inspirational, confrontational—just what you need. This is your book. Put the Bible and this book side by side—reading them—and let the Word do the work. Thank God for a man like Steve Gallagher, who will tell the truth and let the truth make us free. Live Free!”
    The Late Dr. Edwin Louis Cole, Founder of Christian Men’s Network

    At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry is one of the best books out there on this topic. I recommend that you get this book.”
    Beverly LaHaye, Concerned Women for America

    “I do a lot of counseling of men struggling with sexual addiction. Far more than any book I have encountered, Sexual Idolatry cuts right to the heart of the problem. Steve Gallagher has finally given the evangelical world a book that uses the Word of God to deal with this terrible epidemic.”
    Dr. Robert K. Wetmore, Professor of Theology at Toccoa Falls College

    “Steve Gallagher has nailed the roots of sexual addiction by naming it an idolatry. This kind of spiritual aggression against God has but one cure at its foundation—brokenness, repentance, and walking daily in the power of the Holy Spirit. God’s transforming way is revealed in this book.”
    Dr. Tim Clinton, President of American Association of Christian Counselors

    “Evangelical Christianity is indebted to Steve Gallagher for turning the pain of his past into a path toward purity for those in bondage to sexual idolatry.”
    Richard Dobbins, Executive Director of Emerge Ministries

    "A powerful guide to finding inner peace despite the dual rampant onslaught of today's sexually charged culture from without, and the utterly selfish sexual cravings from within."
    Midwest Book Review

    "The best book for men period."
    Roy Ingle, Author of The Seeking Disciple

    "This book is very well written. It gives a great insight into one of the largest, fastest-growing problems in our country today. I feel that every Christian man should read it."
    Calvary Christian Fellowship

    Hot Acid Bath of Truth!

    I bought this book almost two years ago and have found it to be a remarkably well written resource. I use it for discipleship and men’s group meetings and I even got my campus library to order a couple of copies! It is intense; it never departs from the source of truth (the Bible); and it cannot be read without serious conviction if you are struggling with porn. If you are not struggling with porn this book will help you understand the nature of the addiction, and how to best help those who are trapped in the cycle. There is no fluff in this book, every page and paragraph is powerful. - Groovemonster

    If you are a Christian who is sincerely struggling against your sin but can't get an abiding victory, this is THE book to get you going in the right direction. The focus of the book is on besetting sexual sin and it is the best I have ever seen on this subject, but it has much wisdom to use against all type of besetting sin. This book is not a "fun" read at all, but it is good strong medicine that can change your life if you are serious about changing. – Mark, Kentucky

    I read "Every Mans Battle" and "Out of the Shadows." They may help a normal guy with regular temptation, but they did nothing for me. My lack of self-control and obedience to God has destroyed two marriages. Due in great part to Steve's book, I now truly believe that Christ offers freedom and hope. God's grace enables us to abide in Christ. And just as the illustration Steve used to close his book, when we get off track, God's grace tells us to get right back on. – Scott, Texas

    I have read several books that tell of the problem all men struggle with: sexual idolatry or at least lust. Christians are no different! In my opinion, every Christian man ought to read this book. This book grabs the bull by the horns, and in a Biblical way. You'll be fully satisfied with this book! - W.T., North Carolina

    Having read almost every book I can find on the subject I can say that this book is the best out there. We have over 30 people using this book in our addictions group at our church, and all agree it is what happens and it is telling the truth unapologetically. The biblical truth present here has kept me from hurting myself with this sin over and over again. Thanks Steve for this book! If you are going to buy any book, buy this one first then let the others be soft/unhelpful towards you. - A. V.

    I do a lot of counseling of men struggling with sexual addiction. Far more than any book I have encountered, "At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry" cuts right to the heart of the problem. Steve Gallagher has finally given the evangelical world a book that uses the Word of God to deal with this terrible epidemic. I have given to many men, and almost all have found it remarkably helpful in their battle. PLEASE READ AND APPLY THIS BOOK. - Robert, Toccoa Falls College

    From the day after I got this book until today, I have not been to a bookstore, theatre, park, bath house, etc. HALLALEUJAH!!! There are many (so-called) Christian books full of psycho-babble (not The Word) on this subject. From my experience many are lacking in their biblical perspective/foundation. The writer of this book points to Jesus and The Cross - man's only TRUE hope for freedom. I thank God for this tool that was supernaturally used in my life to help set me free!!! – W. Bryant, Georgia

    The book is a completely in-your-face exposition of the divisive power of sexual sin and how it is being used by Satan to fell countless men in the Body of Christ. If you want to camp in your sin and not confront your addiction then don't read this book but find another to stroke your ego. But if you are serious about leaving the depravity of sexual addiction behind then grab this book with both hands. It is founded on Biblical truth and uses testimonies to show you that you are not the only person in the world who struggles in this area (as the devil would like you to believe). – J. P., Bristol, UK

    Written from a contemporary protestant Christian perspective, the information given here is vital to any man (or woman dealing with a man) seeking to understand and ultimately reject the self-destructive life of sex addiction. There's more to it than "just saying no" and he explains this complex process remarkably well. If you're ready to face reality... and the reality of Jesus Christ whom you may only THINK you know... then you can do no better than to read this book cover to cover. He tells the truth ... which is the only thing that can set you free. – Carol, California

    If you are looking for a quick fix or just want to be free from a controlling habit, you will not find it here. But if you are really tired of living a self-centered life and want to exchange the self-life for the Christ-Life then I suggest you read this book. – Steven, Brooklyn, NY