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    This 12-week study of the Psalms evokes a determined desire to find His Presence for yourself



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    "The Book of Praises,” as ancient worshipers of Jehovah called the Psalms, is a fitting name for a book in which the adoration of God is the prominent theme. God’s glorious attributes are revealed in a variety of ways: His sovereignty, majesty, power, mercy, compassion and trustworthiness are all poetically illuminated for us in the Psalms. Every word penned emits the aroma of humble worship and reverential fear.

    It is simply impossible to read the Psalms without attaining a more lofty perspective of the Lord. Consequently, no other portion of Scripture is so capable of ushering the hungry soul into the Presence of God as this compilation of ancient Hebraic songs.

    In the Psalms, we have been bequeathed a treasury of the most profound interactions between pious men and a loving, caring God. This 12-week study of the choicest Psalms takes you right into those intimate exchanges and evokes a determined desire to find His Presence for yourself.