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The first release in The Overcomers Series, this DVD shows how, despite immense blessing, our nation has forsaken God. Its compelling message empowers believers to remain truly committed to following God in the hardest times.

The Overcomers Series is an exciting ongoing video project from Pure Life Ministries. Each release features two powerful full-length teachings as well as a variety of compelling bonus materials.


A new president is in office and we seem to be heading into greater prosperity. And yet, our indulgence in pleasure, entertainment and sin is rotting out our spiritual life. Is there hope for the future? Yes, but it is only found in God.

The Death of a Nation—America has enjoyed the favor and blessings of God since her inception, but we have turned from Him. The enormous light we have received has only hardened our hearts. Are we on the brink of disaster? (Steve Gallagher—1:03:08)

God’s Man in Babylon—Most Jewish captives were sent to Babylon’s slave markets, but a few dozen young men were handpicked to serve the king. Would they seize this exceedingly rare opportunity or would they risk it all for Jehovah? (Steve Gallagher—1:00:03)


Managing the Media—Let’s face it: the amount of secular influence coming into our hearts on a daily basis is overwhelming. We’ll take a look at some reasonable ways to limit that intake. (Steve Gallagher—25:23)

We Must Go Forward on our Knees—Scott’s repeated infidelity shattered his wife’s trust and destroyed their marriage. But Erin believed God could do a miracle and He did! Sadly, no sooner did they emerge from one calamity than another replaced it. Only earnest prayer would get them through. (Testimony—32:17)