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The second release in The Overcomers Series, this DVD exposes how modern society is energized by lust. Discover how Christians today can escape the pull of all this world's attractions.

The Overcomers Series is an exciting ongoing video project from Pure Life Ministries. Each release features two powerful full-length teachings as well as a variety of compelling bonus materials.


The American culture, once so influenced by godly leaders, has become obsessed with the carnal enticements of the fallen world. Can believers truly live for God in this spiritual climate?

Driven by Lust—Since the Garden of Eden, Satan has sought to turn mankind's affections from the Lord onto the things of this world. Western culture only fuels this search for satisfaction in the wrong places. (Dustin Renz—53:01)

Living to Please Another—The Bible is clear: there is much at stake in the war for Christian contentment, but the rewards are unparalleled. It is time to seek the Lord! (Nate Danser—1:02:56)


Land of Desire—The turn of the 20th Century was a defining moment for the U.S. Once Americans learned that they could have whatever they wanted, there would be no going back. (Documentary—8:19)

Apostle of Desire—Dwight Moody and John Wanamaker shared much in common, but one man would be mightily used by God while the other would lead Americans into an age of lust. (Documentary—18:11)