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For a limited time, you can purchase the complete DVD set of sessions from the Pure Life Ministries Annual Conference held in April 2019. [PLEASE NOTE: Two sessions contain video issues. See page for details.]

PLEASE NOTE: Due to technical issues, two Conference sessions have limited or no video content and will play as audio only (indicated below). We apologize for this problem, and we have discounted the price of this product accordingly.


    View and experience the messages that ministered to hundreds of Pure Life Ministries alumni and guests at the 2019 Annual Conference. The conference theme this year was "Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares." The two days of powerful worship and conference sessions explored how to journey victoriously through the temptations and trials of the Christian life and toward the believer's heavenly home.

    All conference sessions on 4 DVDs, including:

    • The Danger of Apostasy - Steve Gallagher
    • May I Prove I've Been with Jesus - Dave Leopold
    • Snares to the Soul - Glenn Meldrum
    • Sexual Sin (Singles) - Q&A Session #1 [NOTE: Audio content only.]
    • Sexual Sin (Couples) - Q&A Session #2
    • Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares - Q&A Session #3
    • PLM Counseling Programs - Q&A Session #4
    • Using PLM Teachings in the Local Church - Q&A Session #5
    • Enduring Till the End (Dustin Renz) - Men's Breakout [NOTE: Some content is audio only.]
    • The Toil of Building a Godly Marriage (Kathy Gallagher) - Women's Breakout
    • Seeing God Through Suffering - Dave Leopold (Sunday Chapel Service)

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